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Random taru's point of view
by Cycloptux from -Shiva- Server
Recent Entries 
4th-Aug-2009 02:52 pm - First days on Shiva
Getting used to EU times is strange, I was used to events ending around 2-3 AM while stuff now ends around midnight (which is great, just gotta find a way to be on time on events that start when I'm having dinner).
My first days here have been good, got a pearl as soon as I transferred there and started doing something yesterday...

There was a maintenance planned for yesterday which was due to start at 6PM. We decided to camp Ixion before 6 hoping it would pop early. At 5:30, while we were about to give up, it decided to pop in ERon. We all rushed there and managed to kill it in 25 mins only to get this:

Owell, got a new (even tho I already had it) title after having MKD one for a week or so lewl.

Did some sky in the night after maint was done. After killing MG > SC > Faust > BB (the group who was trying to lowman it almost wiped like 5 times but we did help them in the end and killed it) we popped some gods, getting a pair of DLegs off Byakko, WHands and MHead off Seiryu and shit off Suzaku.

Killkenny (Fate shellholder, Amano/Full Usu SAM) had like no safe exp at all, and raged before we popped Seiryu cause he was sure he would die during HF.

Which actually happened on Byakko, he delvl'd (got his level again with the exp off kitty kill) losing Usu and Amano, owned.

Got stuff to do now, driving license test tomorrow and leaving for some days, cu in a few.
2nd-Aug-2009 12:52 pm - Shiva~

After waiting a couple days cause of registration server maintenance, I finally managed to move Cyc to Shiva (Ara will have to wait till tonight, NA server is still down). My old shells got trashed and I'm now alone :<

Owell, if no sack comes back from afking before I have to go out this afternoon I'll start doing something tonight...
1st-Aug-2009 10:15 am - Delayssssssss
Why does SE suck so much, why.

1st-Aug-2009 01:44 am - New server, new journal
Time to start posting some stuff again lewl
Moving to Shiva after 1 year in Eden and many years on Fairy, I feel sad for all the people I'm leaving there (didn't even have a chance to say goodbye to some of them) but I hope I'll fit well in Fate, and I guess I'll log on Blaize in a few days to see if someone else is on.
That being said, I'm now going to sleep, registration server should be up in a bit more than a couple hours, transferring Cyc and Ara tomorrow morning as soon as I wake up.
This shall be the beginning of a new in game life most likely, I'll try to keep up with these new guys~

cu soon...
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